Whether it is grout injection, constructing soil-nail walls or shotcreting, Sipro Management Pty Ltd is here to meet your diverse construction requirements. We have years of experience in microfine cement grout injections besides installation of rock anchors, CT bolts, pins and fastenings for a masonry face. Therefore, whether it is deep excavation before construction or increasing the bearing capacity of a floor slab, we will help you with everything you need.

We are a fully insured company and we only employ experienced construction professionals to provide you with the results that you are expecting.
Services We Offer
> Grout injection
If you are facing issues regarding a retaining wall, movement or subsidence of your building, opt for this service so that we can stabilize the soil and strengthen the foundation.
> Soil-nail-retaining walls
With the help of soil nails, we construct sturdy retaining walls. These are constructed following advanced techniques for increased durability.
> hotcrete
To build tunnel walls, subways, etc. we use shotcreting using state of the art equipment. Thus, you can rest assured that the constructed structure will be long withstanding.
> Rock Anchors and Pins
To construct civil mining structures we use anchors and pins. The whole process is carried out with accuracy to provide you with the best results.

Areas We Serve
We service in
> Perth
> Fremantle
> Hamilton Hill
> Melville
> Spearwood
> Kardinya

Why Choose Us?
Choose us since
> We are an insured company and our construction specialists are licensed.
> We use modern technologies to complete the construction with care.
> We complete the work on time and provide you with the best results.
> We are a trusted company in Perth and its suburbs.
> So, call us or contact us anytime to discuss your project with us in detail.


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