Looking to purchase an auto diagnostic scanner? Well, you should consider looking at the scanners and code readers of AutoPhix Australia. AutoPhix Australia is the leading manufacturer of the best car diagnostic tool and code readers that assist drivers and travelers to stay on the move. The founder of AutoPhix Australia, Trevor Ryan who has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry created an OBD2 scanner to assist travelers & adventurers.

Our OBD2 Scanners can diagnose and clear the codes on almost every vehicle built after 1996. This helps drivers or travelers to stay on move.

Our Services

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Why Choose Us?

Autophix Australia is the leading manufacturer of OBD11 Code Reader and diagnostic scan tool which is most popular in Europe and Australia. We manufacture 11 different scanning tools with a variety of features that will assist travelers and vehicle owners to detect the bug on their vehicles.
Apart from that, here are the lists of a few aspects that make us unique and best
• Manufacturing Wide Range of Scanner & Code Readers
• Scanner & Code Readers Can Be Easily Handled By Anyone
• Universal Scanner Models
• Affordable Cost
• 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our Experience

The founder of Autophix Australia Trevor Ryan is an adventurer who loves to travel a lot has more than 20 years of experience in this Automotive Industry. He founded the Autophix OBD2/DTC scanning tools way back in the SEMA Automotive expo held in Las Vegas.
Ever since the tool was discovered it helped many travelers who faced tough times when their vehicle meltdown, or went into limp mode. Our scanning tools help travelers to do self-diagnosis the malfunction that occurred on their vehicle while traveling.

Our high-quality Autophix OBD2 diagnostic scanner is capable of detecting almost all codes and tells you what went wrong with your vehicle and guides you to find a repairer.

Location We Serve

We are located in the Melbourne suburb Werribee, Victoria, Australia. Travelers of Australia can utilize our online shopping site to purchase our OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool.

We are the leading OBD2 scanning tool manufacturers around the globe. Our OBD11 code reader is the most popular scanning tool all over Europe and Australia.

Contact Us

To know more about Autophix Australia and our wide range of OBDII scanning tools, visit our official website For purchasing a quality Autophix OBD2 diagnostic from our store or our authorized dealers, feel free to send us your inquiry by visiting the CONTACT US page on our official website contact/, our representative will reach you within the next 24 hours!
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