Are you looking to migrate to Australia for your higher education? Alpha Consultancy Group is here to help you at every step. Our strong and experienced team of MARA registered Agents and Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC) facilitate international students who want to study in Australia.

Our experienced team gives you the best advice and valuable information that help you to boost your career. We aim to provide career guidance to each student with Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty, and Respect.

Alpha Consultancy Group is established with the aim to support students from all over the world to study in foreign lands, offering them a first-rate educational experience. We represent several education providers from all around the world with a portfolio of more than 500 students. We offer personalised and dedicated support to all our students in achieving their education or migration goals in Australia. We always prefer to maintain a strong and cordial relationship with our clients by providing them excellent service and valuable information. Our professional support and team always motivate us to upgrade our services. We always prefer to observe students’ desires first and accordingly strive to maintain a healthy relationship of trust, confidence, and understanding to achieve their future study goals.


Melbourne VIC, Australia

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